Shawn Tinkham Photography offers Farm Calls for horse owners. We can also be booked for horse events and shows. A photo shoot of a single horse usually takes anywhere from 1-3 hours (depending on your wishes and of course, quite often, the wishes of the horse), and it is done in digital format.

 Fees include the photo session, proof pictures online, as well as travel within the Southern New Hampshire and Eastern Massachusetts area. Beyond 50 mile, total travel from Danvers,MA a travel charge applies.

Your photo session starts with a talk, to find out your goal of this session. Are there special photos that interest you? What do you want to use the pictures for?  Then we will go out to the location of your choice to take the photographs. You are invited throughout the whole session to suggest poses, or add ideas of your own. It is important to me that you and your horse are having fun.

After the session your proof photos will be made available online. You can pick and order your prints at any time afterwards.

Contact us to schedule your session now.


Horse portrait photo shoot

Horse for sale photo shoot

Photo Retouching Services

Horse Portrait Session - $150

Includes 2-3 hours photo shoot, 50 miles travel (total), proofs online and one 8×10 print. More prints can be ordered online.Session, also, includes 2 digital Facebook images, of your choice. They may be sized, and cropped, as cover or profile sized images.

Single Portrait Session - One horse or subject a single location - $150.

Includes the photo shoot, 50 miles travel (total), proofs online and one 8×10 print and 2 small, digital files, suitable for social media. More prints can be ordered online.

Prints, and packages, are available, at a discounted rate for all photo shoot albums. They are available in a variety of sizes, papers, framing and merchandise choices, and also as digital files.

Digital file collections are also available on a thumb drive, for any event or portrait session.

Print prices for photo shoots are as follows:

11 x 14 Matted______________________________________________________$65.00                Regular price $75.00

11 x 14____________________________________________________________$50.00                Regular price $60.00

8 x 10 Matted______________________________________________________  $40.00                Regular price $50.00

8 x 10____________________________________________________________  $30.00                Regular price $40.00

(2) 5 x 7 Matted prints________________________________________________$50.00               Regular price $30.00 each

(2) 5 x 7 prints______________________________________________________ $40.00               Regular price $25.00 each

Packages for further discounts:

Blue -1 Matted 11x14, 1 Matted 8 x 10, 2 Matted 5x7, ________________________$130.00                $185.00 Value

Red -1 11x14, 1   8 x 10, 2  5x7, _________________________________________$110.00                  $150.00 Value

Yellow -1   8 x 10, 2   5x7, ________________________________________________$65.00                  $90.00 Value

All matted prints are  matted with White mats, unless requested otherwise. Please contact us for availability.

Digital Images:

Facebook images are available for $15.00 per image, or as a $5.00 addition to any ordered print.

$100 for a download of low-res (web sized) images of the photo shoot. These images are too small for printing.

$200 for a thumb drive of high-res images, suitable for printing. 

Tips to makes the most of your session with your horse:

- Make sure all your animals are clean ahead of time.

-Have any tack changes handy, if desired.

- Have treats handy in case they are needed to perk ears or get certain looks. We will have some, but certain horses have their favorites.

- Have someone there to help get your horse's attention with perked ears etc. to help the photographer get the perfect shot.

- Scout out areas on your farm or property that would make a good backdrop for your pictures with your horse. A nice tree-line or wood fence etc. are always great. Perhaps, the site isn't your farm. We can meet at a park, or beach, or anything, else, that you have in mind.

-Think about any specific poses that you may have in mind. We will have some ideas, but feel free to make it your, personal, shoot.

- Feel free to have a clothing change available,   so you can get riding pictures done in addition to more traditional portraits.

Horse for sale photos - $150

Includes 2-3 hours photo shoot, 50 miles travel (total), proofs online, and  2 digital web size images images, of your choice.

Multiple Horse Session - Two or more horses at the same location- $150 plus $20 each additional horse. Includes the photo shoot, 50 miles travel (total), proofs online and two digital, web sized images, per horse.

More digital images can be ordered online, at the regular price of $35

Photo Retouching

Color correction, and minor background retouches are included into a session.

Background replacement can be done on most images for $40. 

Major retouches, black & white images or collages are available for $10 per  1/4 hour. Please inquire for a quote.

Shawn and Patty Tinkham

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