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September 6, 2016

Everyone loves photos! Don't they? You like to see them and I like to take them. The problem can be the cost, and deciding on your favorites.

We've added a few ways, for you, to get some special pricing, when purchasing many images. They are called "Buy Alls" and work in a few ways.

1: Buy the whole gallery - You will see this option, in the top right, as soon as you open a gallery. It will list a price for Facebook Downloads and a 5x7 bulk price. Facebook images start at $10.00, and lower $1.00, for each image, down to a minimum of $5.00 each. 5 x 7 prints start at 20.00, for the first 5. Prints 6-10 drop to $15.00, and anything over 10 will drop to $12.50 ea. This option is best for small to medium galleries, which contain, only, your photos.

2: Large gallery option - Click on an gallery images and click the shopping cart, saying "Buy Photo". You will see, as well as the, normal, Product and "Buy All" options a new "Buy All" option to purchase the entire gallery, as Facebook downloads, for a price of $125.00. You will see the pricing of all options. If the gallery has a lot of images, this can save a substantial amount of money. In many cases, it will drop the cost down to a few dollars each. This option has been expanded to include 5x7 prints. This option is best for, large, galleries, containing, only, your images.

3: Add to Favorites - Sometimes, all of your images will be in a gallery, containing other horses, and riders. This will happen, most of the time, in Under Saddle classes. Other times, you may end up in many different classes. You can, still, get discounted pricing, by adding images to your Favorites. Add as many as you'd like. When you log in and go to your Favorite, you will have the option to use the same "Buy All" pricing as the full gallery options.  This option is best used, when images are spread through many galleries. It will, even, work between multiple shows, and/or galleries.

Images must be of the same horse or rider. Other options will not get through the system and will end up being cancelled.

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