NEW - Buy All function for Facebook Downloads.

August 13, 2015

Buy all images in a gallery, or your Favorites, at a reduced rate, dependent on the amount of images in the gallery. 

Tiered pricing, automatically, discounts the images as the number in the gallery increases. 

When you open your gallery, an option will be presented, to buy all images, as a Facebook download. You may, also, select images to add them to your Favorites. These may be chosen from any galleries, from multiple events. You will be given the option to purchase all of your Favorites, as a Facebook Download. The cost per download will decrease, depending on the number of images chosen.

1-5 images are at the normal rate of $10.00. 

6-10 images drop to $8.50 each

11-15 images drop to $7.00 each

16+ images will be reduced to $5.00 per image. 

The total of your Buy All will be updated automatically.

Downloads will be sent to you as a Zip file. Be sure that your operating system has the capability to open the Zip file. 

The files are small and are for digital media, only. They will work on your phone and/ or your computer.

 They will not produce prints.

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